IEW Accreditation: The Secret Key to Success

Feb 03, 2023 | Posted by Evan

Throughout the years, Institute for Excellence in Writing has continued to make its programs easier to implement. When IEW was founded over twenty-five years ago, teachers could only learn the Structure and Style methodology taught live or on video by Andrew Pudewa, Founder and Director, and then it would be up to the teachers to create their own lesson plans. Although that is still a fine choice and a worthy undertaking, IEW now offers a complete video-based or theme-based curriculum for any teacher to implement immediately that provides a full year of instruction.

While IEW’s instructional materials provide everything needed for comprehensive writing instruction, a well-prepared teacher is essential to her students’ success. For this reason, we provide an additional service by offering accreditation to teachers who successfully complete the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style practicum assignments. We would love for the next accredited instructor to be you!

As much as there is to gain by becoming a Registered or even a Certified Instructor, the process is relatively simple and inexpensive. Your primary investment will be time, but it is all accomplished at your own pace. The only thing an instructor must own is a Seminar Workbook and also have access to the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) videos. Other options for training and continuing education are available here.

As you watch the TWSS seminar, Mr. Pudewa will get you started on practicum assignments for each of the Nine Units of Structure and Style. Completing these practicum exercises is the best way to prepare you to provide support and coaching to your students.

As the seminar progresses, you will find that the checklists for the practicum assignments increase in length, so be prepared to devote a few hours toward completing each one. Once you've done that, you will have a much deeper understanding of the Structure and Style method as well as a greater appreciation for the work you will be expecting your students to complete.

When you complete the practicum exercises, send them with your application to our Accreditation Team, who will be ready to assess all of your hard work. This is your key to absolute fidelity to the method and will produce the best results for your students. The Accreditation Team will provide feedback, note any errors that need to be fixed, and point you to specific places in the TWSS videos and Seminar Workbook to assist you in making corrections to your practicum assignments. Once your work accurately meets the criteria of every checklist, we will welcome you aboard as an IEW Accredited Instructor.

While the process of becoming accredited enhances your understanding and ability to teach Structure and Style with complete fidelity, maintaining your accreditation status comes with a variety of perks too! You will receive a specially designed logo with the IEW trademark exclusively for use by Accredited Instructors, validating your relationship with IEW. You will also gain promotional support for classes offered, such as an individual instructor’s contact information and course offerings posted on IEW's website or the option to have your brick-and-mortar school’s information linked on our IEW Schools Registry page! You will only need to follow a simple process to renew your accreditation every two years.

We invite you to begin or renew your journey of IEW Accreditation and also consider having your school join our IEW Schools Registry. We have a plethora of resources on our website to assist you with this process, from FAQs to checklists for the Registered and Certified accreditation levels. You can dive right in and start the application process here, or contact with any additional questions. We look forward to reviewing your work!

Evan Smith, a father of six, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, but has called Oklahoma home since 1997. With a diverse background in acting, music, sales, customer service, distribution, and special needs job coaching, he has relished contributing to IEW's company mission since he was hired for the Customer Service Team in 2017. Having served as a production assistant for the filming of 6+ levels of Structure and Style for Students, Evan gained a firsthand grasp of the Structure and Style® writing methodology and the teaching approach of Mr. Andrew Pudewa. Evan joined the Accreditation Team in 2021, and after nearly five years as a member of Customer Service, he moved to the IEW Schools Division as an Educational Consultant in 2022.

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