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Structural Models Help

  • Units 1 & 2

Building a Strong Foundation with Units 1 and 2

  • Unit 3

Using the Story Sequence Chart with Unit 3

  • Unit 4

Understanding Topic-Clincher Sentences with Unit 4

  • Unit 5

Asking Questions with Unit 5

  • Unit 6

Streaming Research with Unit 6

  • Unit 7

Filling the Blank Page with Unit 7

  • Unit 8

Writing Essays with Unit 8

  • Unit 9

Critiquing Literature with Unit 9


Stylistic Techniques Help

  • Dress-Ups

Style Check: Learning about the -ly Adverb

Stylistic Techniques: The Who/Which Clause

Stylistic Techniques: The Strong Verb

Stylistic Techniques: More about the Strong Verb

Stylistic Techniques: The Because Clause

Stylistic Techniques: The Quality Adjective

Stylistic Techniques: The www.asia Clause

  • Sentence Openers

Stylistic Techniques: The #2 Prepositional Phrase Sentence Opener

Comma Quandary: The #3 Sentence Opener

  • Advanced Style

Podcast 321: Advanced Style, Part 1 

  • Decorations

Literary Devices: Simile and Metaphor

Delightful Decorations: Dr. Webster’s Kamikaze Chickens

Additional Source Texts Help


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