Virtual Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®

Nov 09, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

What: Three-session workshop for classroom teachers and administrators grades K-12
Where: Online
When: June 11, 18, and 25, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM‒2:30 PM CT

Presenters and Facilitators: Andrew Pudewa, Founder and Director
                                          Jeff Nease, IEW Implementation Coach

Since 2020 IEW has offered virtual Structure and Style Writing Workshops as a professional development option for teachers and administrators. Based on last summer’s experience, the IEW Schools Division made some changes intended to improve the workshop experience for all participants, including additional time and support to complete the practicum assignments.

What’s new for 2024?

This three-session workshop will be offered on Tuesday, June 11, 18, and 25, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM CT. We are excited to announce that Andrew Pudewa will return as presenter and facilitator to guide participants through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style writing methods course. Following the instruction of each unit, Andrew will facilitate the related practicum assignment. Assisting Andrew this year will be IEW Implementation Coach Jeff Nease. During the presentation, participants can ask questions using the chat feature, and IEW Educational Consultants will answer in real time.

Who should attend the Virtual Teaching Writing: Structure and Style workshop?

  • schools without a budget for live professional development
  • schools that are already implementing Structure and Style in a few classrooms or school-wide but have new teachers to train
  • schools of any size that would like to pilot Structure and Style with a few teachers or grade levels
  • individual teachers and administrators who are interested in learning the Structure and Style method before introducing it to their schools
  • hybrid schools
  • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and English Language Learner (ELL) specialists
  • curriculum coordinators and instructional coaches

What is the cost to register?

The early registration price is $399 per participant. After May 7 the price will increase to $499.
The deadline for registration is May 24, 2024, at 11:59 PM CT.

What materials are included with the registration?

Each participant will receive a Seminar Workbook (with free domestic shipping to each participant’s home), streaming access to the writing methods course in their individual IEW accounts, one year of IEW’s Premium Membership, and a $50 coupon code to apply for IEW accreditation as a Registered Instructor.

What are practicum assignments, and why are they important?

The best way to master the Structure and Style method is to practice it. During both live workshop and video seminar presentations, participants are asked to complete practicum assignments—one or more exercises for each unit, intentionally designed to help participants better understand the writing process before they teach it to their students. Some assignments are done together during the workshop while others are started in the workshop and finished independently once the workshop is over.

The practicum exercises are intended to give participants a greater appreciation of and empathy for what their students will experience as they learn the methodology. This improves classroom instruction tremendously and helps avoid the danger of introducing the stylistic techniques too quickly. We have observed that when teachers work through each structural model themselves, they understand how each unit functions and are much better prepared to model the process clearly and effectively to their own students.

Additionally, completing the practicum assignments contributes significantly to teaching the process with fidelity, furnishes firsthand experience in the progression of the stylistic techniques, and provides a deeper understanding of the big picture of the Structure and Style method.

For these reasons, Andrew Pudewa, Jeff Nease, and our Educational Consultants will focus on providing more time and support during the workshop for the completion of the practicum assignments. As more workshop details become available, we will share them in our Schools Division newsletters and on the Virtual Teaching Writing: Structure and Style workshop page on our website.

Learning to teach writing effectively is one of the most powerful investments a school can make in its teachers. Need more convincing? When Helen, a charter school administrator, was asked to describe what she saw in IEW’s methodology that would help her meet her goals for the language arts program at her school, this was her response:

Our overall goal is to teach students how to be clear, effective, and eloquent communicators. Our teachers have reported how practical and focused the curriculum is. Writing is not an easy subject to teach well, but IEW provides simple and easy-to-use strategies that support the teacher in her instruction. Before students realize it, they are writing!

For more information or to register for the virtual workshop, please visit

To speak with an Educational Consultant (EC) about the workshop, the materials, or piloting Structure and Style in your classroom or school, call 800.856.5815, and we will connect you with an Educational Consultant. If you are already working with one of our ECs, feel free to contact him or her directly.

  • Sharyn Staggers, Schools Division Director ( 800.856.5815 x5510)
  • Renee Vasher ( 800.856.5815 x5023)
  • Debbi Hall ( 800.856.5815 x5046)
  • Erica Nease ( 800.856.5815 x5508)
  • Evan Smith ( 800.856.5815 x5040)
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  • Jeff Nease ( 800.856.5815 x5507)
  • Jennifer Mauser ( 800.856.5815 x5029)
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