Structure and Style for Students: What’s in the Box?

Mar 27, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


By now you’ve likely heard the buzz about Structure and Style for Students, IEW’s new video-based student course. Every day, our customer service team receives calls from teachers considering which level of the SSS would be best for their students and wondering “What’s in each box?” For today’s post we thought it might be helpful to share this information with you. Although we hope the post is useful to you, please know that our team welcomes your phone calls, chats, and emails and is ready to assist with whatever you need. Finally, as you are reading, keep in mind that each of these packages is available in your choice of format: DVD or Forever Streaming*.


What’s in the box, and which one do I need?

  • SSS Premier Package ($289): If you are brand new to Structure and Style, then this package is the best one for you since it includes our foundational teacher course, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS). The TWSS is an important component that teaches instructors the Structure and Style method, giving them the needed tools to help their students become confident, competent communicators. It also includes the teacher and student materials for Structure and Style for Students in the level of your choice, Fix It! Grammar (Teacher’s Manual and printed Student Book), Portable Walls for Structure and Style Students, and A Word Write Now (thematic thesaurus).


  • SSS Basic Plus Package ($189): If you already own Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, this package may be a good fit for you. It contains Structure and Style for Students Teacher’s Manual and Student Packet with Binder, Fix It! Grammar Teacher’s Manual and printed Student Book, and Portable Walls for Structure and Style for Students


  • SSS Basic Package ($169): This package includes all of the teacher and student materials for one level of Structure and Style for Students, and is perfect for instructors who already have the TWSS and have students working through a different level of Fix It! Grammar than what is included in the package.


Do you have more questions about the SSS? What is the difference between the SSS and theme-based books? Where do I begin with multiple children? Which level is appropriate? Our FAQ sheet may be helpful, and our team is always ready to assist.

The buzz is now turning into testimonials from those who are already using the SSS. If you are one of those, we’d love to know your thoughts! Other families would also enjoy hearing about your student’s experience with Structure and Style for Students.

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