The Deadly Error of Overcorrecting: Podcast Episode 211

Mar 25, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Considered a must-read article for good reason, Andrew Pudewa’s “The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing” takes center stage in the first of a four-part conversation between Andrew and Julie Walker in podcast Episode 211. The first deadly error of the conversation centers on overcorrecting because it tends to be the one most educators and parents are guilty of committing.

To learn why overcorrecting is such a nefarious error, listen to this podcast. Andrew describes how approaching the writing task as an editor rather than a “corrector” is so much better for students. Explaining that editors are people who help writers sound smarter and better, he also explains how to isolate and focus on the most important points that need to be addressed while setting aside other less important errors in students’ writing.

This podcast is so important to listen to. It will help you become a better teacher and encourager of your students. And be sure to check back over the ensuing weeks to listen to Andrew and Julie discuss the other deadly errors of teaching writing.

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