Structure and Style® for Students Testimonials


One of my greatest challenges as a homeschool mom was attempting to teach my son how to write effectively. When we got ahold of Structure and Style, there was quite a change in his writing; his attitude and confidence improved as well.
~ Erica J., SSS Mom to Josiah

Before the SSS, I'd typically read a sentence from an outline without making eye contact with my audience. In the SSS, I learned how to use the key word outline to effectively present my speech and connect with my audience.
~ Frida, SSS Student

I was really not very good at writing before, but now I can really write pretty well.
~ Jack, SSS Student

Despite a degree in English, writing was the subject that intimidated me the most when it came to teaching my children. IEW has made writing fun and something to look forward to for my girls, and I am thrilled with the quality of skills that they are learning to use in their writing.
~ Mindy S., SSS Mom to Amy and Emily

We really liked Mr. Pudewa’s sense of humor!  He made everyone feel comfortable and made it enjoyable to learn.
~ Jack and Madison, SSS Students

Structure and Style makes learning writing and grammar so simple, yet it’s very thorough at the same time. It lays it out step by step so it’s incredibly user friendly. I wish I had been taught with IEW’s materials when I was in school!
~ Mindy J., SSS Mom to Jack and Madison

I know that by the time I finish high school, I’ll be able to tackle any writing project sent my way, all thanks to IEW.
~ Eli, SSS Student

Before participating in SSS, I despised writing. However, now I can write confidently and with joy.
~ Noah, SSS Student


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