Nurturing Success: Serving Schools of Every Kind: Podcast Episode 319

Apr 28, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In 1990 Andrew along with other teachers traveled to Alberta, Canada, for a ten-day teacher-training seminar. It was there that Andrew learned Dr. Webster’s Blended Structure and Style in Composition method. In Episode 319 Andrew shares how he brought the writing method to the states and how the methodology applies to any kind of educational setting.

When Andrew returned from the seminar, he began to implement the Structure and Style method in the full-time school he was teaching at. Quickly Andrew saw positive results from his students. After much success Andrew eventually developed Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, IEW’s flagship product that provides teachers with a method of teaching writing, regardless of their school type or classroom setting.

Now, IEW serves schools of every kind: homeschool families, co-ops, hybrid schools, charter schools, private and public schools, and essentially any organization that desires to improve written communication. While IEW provides a variety of materials to fit different school settings, the methodology for teaching writing remains the same for any educational environment. Tune in to this week’s setting to learn more about how this is so, and gain insight on the resources IEW has to offer!


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