Learn about IEW’s Online Classes: Podcast Episode 328

Jul 01, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

While Andrew was out of the office this past week, Julie invited Denise Kelley into the podcast recording studio. Because Denise serves as IEW’s senior project manager, The Arts of Language Podcast has actually had her appear in the past to discuss the new and improved Fix It! Grammar program. This time, however, Denise stepped up to the mic as IEW’s online class director to discuss the details of this year’s online classes.

In podcast Episode 328 Denise provides an overview of the classes. They are taught by experienced accredited instructors who have proven that they know the Structure and Style® method. The classes themselves are small in size so as to ensure that the instructors can invest in each student and personalize the experience for them with helpful feedback. Additionally Denise discusses what a typical class day looks like utilizing the Structure and Style for Students and the Fix It! Grammar curriculum.

The school year is fast approaching, and the classes fill up quickly! If you’re interested in registering your student(s) for a class, click here to view which sessions are still available.



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