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Jun 30, 2022 | Posted by Jennifer

Over the long summer it is tempting to push pause on writing. Rather than do that, however, we suggest you inject a bit of excitement into your schedule. Continue to write, but incorporate other resources that inspire and educate at the same time. Our friends at World magazine have provided the perfect inspiration: free introductions and reduced rate subscriptions to one of the God’s World News magazines and special pricing of WORLD Watch.

There are three magazines in the God’s World News family, each one tailored to a specific age and interest level. And these resources are an excellent place to find engaging source texts to use when writing through IEW’s nine structural units.

All of the magazines are filled with high-quality articles and photos that provide fabulous opportunities for writing with Structure and Style. Here is a sample spread from WORLDkids.

A great feature of the magazines is that many of the articles appear across the publications but are presented for the particular age range in which they appear, making them excellent resources to combine for students of differing ages. With regard to the above article on horses, similar articles also appear in the younger and older versions, all adjusted for their intended audience.

How can you include WORLD’s magazine articles in your writing instruction? Here’s some help for that:

  • Units 1 and 2: Select short pieces or individual paragraphs from articles to practice key word outlining and writing from notes.
  • Unit 3: Select a narrative story that includes characters and setting, a problem or conflict, and a climax and resolution to practice outlining and writing from the Story Sequence Chart.
  • Unit 4: Articles abound across WORLD magazine’s offerings, making it easy for you to find source texts that interest and inspire your students.
  • Unit 5: The high quality, beautiful photos and artwork appear on every page of the magazines. Pick one image to write about. You can assign one-paragraph compositions, or you can expand the assignment by having your students imagine what happened immediately prior to and after the image to help them come up with content to write a three-paragraph composition.
  • Unit 6: Start the research with WORLD magazine, and expand to locate other source texts that are at or below your student’s reading level by examining encyclopedia articles, internet articles, other magazine articles, or documentaries.
  • Unit 8: Use paragraphs written in prior Unit 4 or 6 assignments to expand into Unit 8 by adding an introductory and concluding paragraph.

What things can you and your students learn more about by reading a WORLD magazine? Check out this smattering of fascinating subjects in the three full magazine samples that are online at this link, just ready for you to use with your children!

  • Discover what NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are.
  • Meet a young chess champ.
  • What will win? Wildflowers or lithium?
  • What’s the big deal about kelp?
  • Learn how people are regaining their sense of smell after a COVID-19 infection.
  • Sharks’ senses: God-given GPS
  • Why does Germany want pandas?
  • Have you heard of the flying object detection system for outer space?
  • What would you eat if you were a manatee?

So what’s the deal for IEW subscribers? Subscriptions to one of the WORLD magazines range in price from $1.99 to $2.99 per month, and IEW’s blog readers will receive an additional month free. To begin your subscription or to learn more, enter your contact information here, and a WORLD magazine representative will help with your order.

In addition to the discounted magazine subscriptions, you can also enjoy a reduced rate to WORLD Watch, WORLD magazine’s online video news program, delivered in ten minutes every day. It’s a great way to catch up on the news, which is presented by Christian journalists. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page in order to view a complete episode. You can request to receive a 7-day free trial, followed by 75 percent off the first month’s subscription by using this coupon code: IEW. The subscription then renews for $6.99 per month.

This summer, travel the world without leaving your community with a subscription to WORLD magazine. It’s a world of fun for the family!


✝ Contains distinctly Christian content

Jennifer Mauser has always loved reading and writing and received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 1991. Once she and her husband had children, they decided to homeschool, and she put all her training to use in the home. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jennifer teaches IEW classes out of her home, coaches budding writers via email, and tutors students who struggle with dyslexia.

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