Homeschool Help: A New Facebook Group for All Homeschoolers

Mar 24, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Many of the longtime readers of this blog are veteran homeschoolers. If you are one, you’ve already wrestled with the balance of work, academics, and social life. You’ve done your due diligence deciding among the many programs available to homeschooled students. And you have found support in a wide variety of places, such as co-op groups, moms’ groups, and social media. Because of your experience, we are asking for your help. Please read on.

For others of you, homeschooling is something new and unexpected. It might even feel a bit scary. You never imagined needing to schedule time for your business meetings as well as time to teach your third grader his reading lesson. And there are still the regular demands of laundry, housekeeping, menu planning, and cooking to be accomplished. Nevertheless, you are bravely diving into this thing called home education, but a little voice in your head whispers to you that you may not be able to manage it all. You think, if only I had an experienced friend to help me figure it all out.

Breathe easy. We have developed a new Facebook Group called Homeschool Help where new homeschoolers and veterans can come together to support one another and share ideas, resources, successes, and encouragement, as well as some much-needed humor—a group that is driven by you, the group members. Ask questions about curriculum options. Learn about online educational opportunities. Veterans, share your encouragement and insight with the new members of the group. This is a great space to develop community and connection.

A journey taken together is fortifying and fun. Thankfully today’s technology makes it easy for us to move beyond the confines of our homes and come together in our shared commission: to keep on living, loving, and learning with joy and hope for the future. We look forward to having you join us on that journey.

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