Classic Learning Test – A Better Way

Feb 09, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

For decades, the standardized testing world has been dominated by two juggernauts: ACT and SAT. However, changes in the way that colleges consider standardized testing, along with the surge of classical education, has led to the introduction of the Classic Learning Test (CLT) exam. CLT is a contender vying for recognition among both students and universities that are looking for an alternative to the norm.

Birthed out of a desire to provide tests aligned to a holistic education, CLT exams serve as an alternative to Common Core-based assessments and help highlight the unique strengths of homeschool, private school, or charter school students.

CLT offers college entrance and preparatory exams that provide an accurate and rigorous assessment of 7th-12th grade students’ aptitude and achievements. While CLT assessments focus on Verbal Reasoning, Grammar & Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning, they also draw content from the Great Books as they assess key components for educational success, including logic and critical thinking.

CLT assessments are available online for all students or on paper for students testing in a school setting. While CLT serves all students, CLT assessments have several particularly attractive elements for homeschoolers. CLT features several awards and scholarship opportunities, including the $2,500 National Award Scholarship for the CLT10, its college preparatory exam. Students and teachers will appreciate that CLT assessments are shorter than other standardized tests (Iowa, PSAT, SAT, or ACT).

CLT’s future looks bright as more and more institutions take notice. In fact, over two hundred colleges partner with CLT, accepting this college entrance exam as a complete replacement of the ACT or SAT. CLT provides a complete list of their partner colleges here. When asked about the CLT’s rise, Andrew Pudewa was emphatic: “I am hugely impressed with the amazing success that CLT has had in challenging the system that has demanded exclusivity to the College Board.”

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