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Registered Instructor
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Location: Marietta, GA
Services: Classes, Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 3–12

Melissa Liipfert


My name is Melissa, and I am so excited that you stumbled on my IEW page. If we haven't met yet, let me tell you a little about myself. 

I have taught IEW for several years as a registered instructor online, at home, and through co-op. In addition to my IEW training, I am a certified TESOL/TEFL/EYL teacher, content and copywriter for an educational technology company and a homeschool mom. I have a love for the English language (I have a BA in English to prove it.), the smell of new books, and transferring ideas from mind to paper.

When my nose is not stuck in a book, I enjoy teaching others how to enjoy these things too. As a teacher, I appreciate seeing students form their own thoughts and ideas and being able to communicate them to others expressively and intelligently.

What makes me different? The combination of IEW and TEFL skills I've acquired allowed me to help break down hard concepts for students. My goal? To give students the tools and confidence to become incredibly strong writers without tears or frustration! 

Whether it is working through the intricacies of creative writing, the methodical organizing of an essay, or enjoying the silliness of a Dr. Seuss poem, I will walk alongside your child encouraging their writing growth and enjoyment.

As a homeschooling mom, I understand and identify with the significance of creating a lifelong learning environment. I aim to promote a love of learning while offering a safe and fun environment. I am passionate about reading and writing and would love to share my knowledge and experience with your children.

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