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Certified Instructor
Accepting Enrollment
Location: Charles Town, WV
Services: Private Tutoring, Paper Grading, Other
Grades: 3–12

Lynne Wheaton

Lynne has led IEW courses for 15 years, receiving rave reviews from students and parents for her approachable teaching style. Passionate about words and well-turned phrases, Lynne mentors both reluctant and eager students while also assisting those who cope with high-functioning autism, ADHD, and other learning difficulties. Habla algo de español. Concurrently with tutoring IEW courses, Lynne serves in leadership at her local Classical Conversations homeschool community. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, summa cum laude, from Mars Hill University, Mars Hill, NC and currently works toward a Master of Arts in Classical Studies with a focus on the Pedagogy of Education.

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