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Location: Cleveland, TN
Phone: 334-494-7106
Services: Private Tutoring, Paper Grading, Other
Grades: 3-12

Jessica Sibley

My name is Jessica Sibley. I fell in love with IEW’s method when I began to homeschool my children.  I have used IEW for over 5 years and it's a joy to see my students put in dress-ups with no effort after a few papers! 

As a mom of two dyslexic children, I am familiar with struggling students. I have found IEW to work extremely well for children who struggle with writing and language processing because of the systematic approach it uses.I also tutor students using the Barton Reading and Spelling Program and have found that IEW is an excellent next step for these students. 

I live in Tennessee with my husband and three children. We love to hike, travel, learn and serve together.

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