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Certified Instructor
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Location: Hillsdale, MI
Services: Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 6-12

Beth Dobrozsi

Background:  When IEW was just getting off the ground, I attended the training and began teaching IEW’s method to my own four children. After more training and achieving accreditation, first as a Registered and then as a Certified Instructor, I began offering IEW classes to groups in a variety of settings including homeschool co-ops, hybrid schools, and traditional schools. In addition to teaching Latin, grammar, and literature, I am a true believer in IEW’s methodology and have witnessed its impact repeatedly. One of my greatest joys is to help young writers grow in confidence, develop mastery, and relish their success.  

Service available in 2022–23: Tutoring with Paper Evaluation, Feedback & Support

Service Description: My tutoring service provides three levels of personalized service to support you through the year: 

Tutoring via Email Support
Tutoring via Email + Zoom Support 
Occasional Paper Evaluation and Support

You choose IEW’s curriculum which best suits your child's needs, progress at your child's pace, and I provide the supplemental tutoring, paper evaluation, feedback, and support. This service is perfect when supplemented with IEW’s live stream or video courses. I also provide this service with Windows to the World and Teaching the Classics, which are sold through IEW. Pricing is on a per semester basis: Semester 1 – August through December and Semester 2 – January through May. You choose your start and end dates within those parameters. Sibling discount(s) are available. 

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