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Amy Gillispie

Hi! Mrs. G. here :).

So, you want to know a little about me?

I have been homeschooling our nine children through high school for over twenty -three years. I have found homeschooling to be hard work, yet incredibly successful! Homeschooling ROCKS! Our children have done well. Four of them graduated from high school just turning sixteen and are done (or almost done) with their college degrees. Three of our children were adopted and have special needs. (Feel free to ask me questions about RAD and FASD:). Miracles have happened for them! (One has joined the National Guard and two have graduated and live independently - SO PROUD OF THEM!:). Our youngest two give me job security as we've at least six more years of homeschooling ahead.

I graduated from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with a B.S. in Architecture in the 1990s. For two and half years, I pursued a Master’s of Theological Studies with a concentration in Liturgical Architecture. After graduating from college, I worked in two major architecture firms and as a freelance designer. I was competitive in the academic and professional architectural settings. Currently, I am pursing a Master’s of Art Education from The Art of Education University. I plan to graduate in 2025.

I began teaching architecture to high school and homeschool students from around the world in 2009 when I created the company Building Brilliant Minds Online. I enjoy teaching many of the "Arts" disciplines because the learning possibilities are endless! Giving students the opportunity to explore the world of Architecture and The Arts “Builds Brilliant Minds”.

So why create courses in the Arts"?

Short Answer:
My response to the gifts God has given me over the years!
It is just what I was created to do.

My Experience in "The Arts"

Entrenched in the field of photography during my late high school and early college days, I earned money for books and entertainment taking photos and developing negatives. I miss my darkroom days!

Music has always been on my schedule. Piano is my favorite, yet from the age of 12, I played the organ for our church weekly until after I graduated from college. In my search as to how to teach my children to play, I learned about Simply Music! Hands down.. best "learn to play piano" method EVER! I have never been so exited to teach music. It is all play based (not reading based) and WOW.. the results.... AMAZING!

As a registered teacher for the Institute of Excellence in Writing, I have been blessed to help even the most reluctant writing students thrive. So rewarding for all! I do not have this listed as I tend to carry a wait list for IEW openings:).

From the time I was four until I graduated high school, I was devoted to dance.. For seven years, I danced in a ballet/jazz dance company, on a scholarship. We used to perform every Friday in the schools. I developed a reputation for "dancing and musical architecture" because of the directions I took with college architectural design challenges.

It wasn't until after high school that I stepped into the theatrical world. I've been working with and directing children's musicals since 1990. In the past ten years, I have directed homeschooled kids in musicals including: "The Enchanted Journey", "Willy Wonka", the "Wizard of Oz", "Annie Jr", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat" and "The Story of the Nutcracker". Working with this troupe has been a dream come true! . Watching them grow has been a huge blessing!

Blessed with personal experience with Architecture, Art, Design, Theater, Music, Dance, Photography, and Writing, I have used my experience to teach my children and many students from around the world many mediums of "The Arts". Bringing it all together for students and providing them some of the tools which they will need for any of the design fields is one of my greatest joys. Supporting the method and concepts of Project Based Learning is a natural extension of my education and my teaching experience.

Most importantly, I thrive on using my artistic talents to bring Glory to Our Father in Heaven and teaching others how to do so as well.

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