When My Daughter Finally Started Writing

Aug 28, 2015 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Learning is a struggle for some, and sometimes learning to write seems like an impossible task. We received this testimony from a mom whose daughter—now in college—had extreme learning difficulties. With IEW’s help, she overcame them and is excelling.

My daughter has recently started college and yes, I am surprised at the low bar her peers have achieved at the local schools. The professors always ask my daughter how it is that she knows so much.

A testimony to IEW and Windows to the World is my daughter's recent Exxon Mobile Scholarship award. She had to write an essay on an ethical or moral dilemma. She talked to us about it one night in March, and we all sat around the table defining terms and coming up with examples. As much as I like to write, I know this is a challenging topic. In the next few days she submitted her paper (of course using all she's learned from IEW and any persuasive techniques from Windows to the World because those are the key programs from which we have learned). The other night she came home with a check for being one of the award winners!

My daughter was delayed in crawling and walking...which delayed her speech...which delayed her reading...which delayed her writing. By 7th grade she was finally talking/reading/writing, but not well.

That's when I discovered IEW, and in a year she was finally writing cohesive papers. I love, love, love IEW!

Thinking through things still isn't the easiest thing for my daughter. She still needs to be reminded to take things step by step and follow through exactly as taught. I guess we are all like that at one time or another. =) At least she has tools to do that now, thanks to IEW and Windows to the World!


We are so encouraged when we hear testimonies like this. Many parents testify to how much IEW has helped their students with learning disabilities develop their reading and writing skills. If you’re new to IEW with a struggling learner, the Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Packages are a great place to begin—easy for you and enjoyable for your student.

Has IEW helped your struggling student? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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