How Co-ops Helped Save Our Homeschool

Aug 31, 2015 | Posted by Laura


I was new to homeschooling with a preschooler, a kindergartner, and a second grader. We had just made a major move to a new part of the country, devoid of any acquaintances. The days were long, very long, as I attempted to recreate a school classroom at home. Three little desks, three history texts, three science books, lots of worksheets, and very little fun. I knew there had to be more to homeschooling than this!

Though I knew few people in my new town, I managed to hear of something called a “co-op.” Apparently, there were P.E. classes offered at a local college, taught by college students and available for all ages. Adding to the appeal, there was a "mom's room" where the mothers met during class for coffee and fellowship. It sounded heavenly.

The kids had a marvelous time, learning new skills from college students who had meticulously created lesson plans that they were being graded on. They made friends—lasting friendships. And what happened to me? I found a veteran homeschooling mom who took me under her wing and gently showed me that there were exciting ways to homeschool that would instill a life-long love for learning in my kids.

Through the years, we participated in co-ops everywhere we lived. The value of participating in classes, field trips, and other events through co-ops cannot be overstated. Each opportunity was a blessing to our family and enhanced our homeschool experience. It was in a co-op that we discovered IEW, and I have found the Structure and Style method of teaching works  perfectly in homeschool co-op environments.

Today, I am an Accomplished Instructor with IEW and work with co-ops and hybrid schools. Are you part of a co-op or know someone who is? We would like to connect, offer support and provide some special helps designed just for co-ops. Please send us an email at


Laura House discovered IEW while homeschooling her three children and now enjoys helping other families transform their students' abilities by introducing them to IEW. She serves as an exhibitor at homeschool conventions, as the Marketing Manager of the homeschool division, and as a Hybrid School Consultant. Laura and her husband, Gary, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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