Make the Arts of Language Podcast a Part of Your Day

Aug 19, 2015 | Posted by Andrew Pudewa


Here we are, ready to record another podcast. Yes, IEW has decided to launch into the podcasting world to better support

  • teachers

  • parents

  • hybrid school teachers

  • tutors

  • anyone using IEW materials worldwide


There will be two others involved in this podcast: Julie Walker, Director of Marketing, the interviewer in our podcasts, and her son, Mikael, who works for IEW as a tech specialist and will be checking to make sure the sound is clear and everything is working smoothly.

We will be going through a series of ideas that are dear to our hearts and useful to you. From time to time, we will have guests on our presidential candidates. Well, probably not, but we will find some interesting folks to introduce to you.

A feature of our podcast that we will return to every so often is “AAA.” Normally you would think of “American Automobile Association,” but this AAA is “Ask Andrew Anything.” You can email suggestions for our podcast and specific questions you have about “anything” to

You may subscribe to the podcast at one of the following:

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