Week 5 of The Great TWSS Adventure: Unit 5

Jul 12, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

During the Last Facebook Live (June 28)

Over the noon hour, Andrew Pudewa and Nathan King continued their discussion about Structure and Style. Beginning with the prior week’s unit, the two addressed questions related to Unit 3 before delving into the current week’s Unit 4: Summarizing a Reference. There were many questions in the comments thread. For example, some questions asked how to distinguish between facts that are relevant versus ones that are important, how to teach students whose parents are uninvolved in the process, whether or not the details in the Unit 3 story can be changed, and if they can, how to handle the key word outline. If you were unable to listen live, no worries. You can catch the replay at this link.

This Week

This week marks the midpoint as adventurers move into Unit 5: Writing from Pictures. This unit is a transitional unit in that it features elements of creative writing where students are using pictures to describe an event. At the same time it reflects a bit of the fact-based side of writing because the students use what they see in the images as well as what they imagine happened outside of the pictures to populate their key word outlines. Here is the homework assignment for this week:

  • Watch the remainder of Video 4. Go to “Scene Selection” and select “Stylistic Techniques: Decorations and Triples.” Watch to the end of the video (approximately twenty-five minutes).

  • Read pages 171 and 184‒186 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Watch all of Video 5 (approximately sixty-three minutes).

  • Read pages 65‒81 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Complete the practicum assignment.

    • Copy the “Bird and the Hose” outline modeled in the video (page 71).

    • Complete the Unit 5 practicum: “Lady Mixing” (pages 78‒80).

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