Teaching Writing Can Be Easier Than You Think! Podcast Episode 277

Jul 09, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In June IEW presented its second annual Online Writing Conference. Attended by people from all around the world, the conference offered education and support for teachers, administrators, parents, and students. In this week’s podcast, Episode 277, we are sharing with you a portion of the conference that explains how IEW’s curriculum makes teaching writing easier than you think it can be.

Andrew and Julie first share four different approaches you can take to teach your students how to write. To begin with, they introduce the foundational program, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, which enables teachers and parents to create their own writing lessons. Next, they introduce curriculum created for students, beginning with IEW’s theme-based writing lessons and then moving into describing the video-taught courses: Structure and Style for Students. These video courses can be taught in two different ways. Students can watch the videos to learn directly from Andrew, or a teacher can prewatch the lessons herself and then present the content to her students during class time.

Andrew and Julie also describe some of IEW’s other curriculum, including Fix It! Grammar; Phonetic Zoo, IEW’s auditory spelling program; and for the youngest learners, Primary Arts of Language. Winding up the session, Andrew mentions some of IEW’s supports, including the Arts of Language Podcast, IEW’s blog and forums, and its YouTube channel.

If you missed the conference and would like to learn more about the products IEW offers that help you teach English language arts to your students, this is a great episode to listen to.


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