The Great TWSS Adventure

What is The Great TWSS Adventure?

It's an opportunity to work through Teaching Writing: Structure and Style during the same time frame when others all over the globe are doing the same thing! Through collaboration with others you will find encouragement and inspiration to complete the course and will be better prepared to help your students become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

What are past participants saying?

"This was so helpful. We have been using IEW’s materials for about eight years, and I had never made the effort to go through the entire teaching series. I feel so much better equipped to help my kids complete our schoolwork each year. Thank you!" ~ Anita A.

"This was just what I needed to stay on track and motivated to complete the training course and accreditation requirements!" ~ Lisa B.

How can you participate?

  1. Sign up for the weekly reminders.
  2. Have access to the second edition Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video seminar and your own Seminar Workbook.
  3. Schedule some time during each week of the event to view that week’s video. The reminder email will detail what to watch. You might want to consider hosting a viewing party with a group of friends!
  4. Join the live Q & A each Monday at noon CT for Andrew Pudewa's introduction to the new unit (available on IEW’s YouTube channel and Facebook).
  5. If you have a Facebook account, stop by the Facebook event page to say hello and share your insights, comments, and questions with the group. If you do not have a Facebook account, feel free to contact our team or email with any questions.
  6. Enjoy yourself! We will award a $50.00 IEW gift certificate to two lucky adventurers each week. You can enter the drawing by clicking on a link in the reminder email. Each Monday morning, we will draw two winners from the previous week’s entries.

THIS WEEK Video 9: Formal Critique and Writing about Literature

WATCH the complete ninth video (62 minutes).

READ pages 147-168 in your Seminar Workbook.


  • Complete the Unit 9 Practicum: The Fox and the Crow (pages 154-155).
  • Use the outline for “The Fox and the Crow” from Unit 3 to write the body paragraphs for your critique.
  • Outline and write an introduction and a conclusion (page 154).
  • Use the checklist (page 155) to edit your 5-paragraph critique.


Our great adventure will kick off Monday, June 5 and will continue weekly for nine weeks.

June 5
Video 1: Introducing Structural Models (Units 1 and 2)

June 12
Video 2: Introducing Stylistic Techniques

June 19
Video 3: Retelling Narrative Stories (Unit 3)

June 26
Video 4: Summarizing a Reference (Unit 4)

July 3
Video 5: Writing from Pictures (Unit 5)

July 10
Video 6: Summarizing Multiple References (Unit 6)

July 17
Video 7: Inventive Writing (Unit 7)

July 24
Video 8: Formal Essay Models (Unit 8)

July 31
Video 9: Formal Critique and Writing about Literature (Unit 9)

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