A Visit with Sarah Mackenzie: Podcast Episode 337

Aug 31, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Listen. Speak. Read. Write. Think! In addition to writing, reading is an important language art.

Andrew often speaks about the role that reading aloud plays in building sophisticated language patterns and nurturing competent communicators. For Podcast Episode 337, Andrew and Julie welcome a fellow lover of reading and literature, Sarah Mackenzie. Sarah is a homeschool mom, author, and the founder of the Read-Aloud Revival.

Much of Sarah’s work is dedicated to helping parents prioritize reading aloud with their family. Additionally, she offers many recommendations for beautiful and timeless literature that make great read-alouds. However, not only does she offer recommendations about books, she now writes her own books as well! A year ago, Read-Aloud Revival announced the launch of its own boutique publishing imprint: Waxwing Books.

In August of this year, Waxwing Books published her first book, A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden, available for preorder. As the author of the new book, Sarah shares her insights about what makes a good and classic children’s book, provides background on her experience writing the book, and talks about how the publishing house came to be.

If you listen until the end of this episode, you’ll get to hear Sarah read the first few pages of A Little More Beautiful!



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