Premium Membership: Continually Adding Teacher Resources

Sep 02, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Investing in IEW’s Premium Membership is an investment in yourself as well as your students. Several fabulous perks have been added to the already robust compendium of support for teachers of Structure and Style®. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about them.


Teaching Tips with Andrew Pudewa (TTAP) - This benefit, added earlier this year, features brief videos of Andrew Pudewa presenting helpful tips for Structure and Style teachers. While many of these video clips focus on lessons presented within the Structure and Style for Students curriculum, there are also more general clips that address a variety of topics, including the value of cursive writing, how to appropriately help students, and more. To learn more about this particular perk, read this blog post: “An Exciting Addition to Premium Membership: TTAP.”


Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization: A New Addition to Help Track Student Mastery - Our most recent addition to the Premium Membership benefits includes a component that will make memorizing poetry even more fun! For each level in the program, we are adding a fun “map” for the students to chart their progress through the poems. The first chart features a racetrack with racecars. Subsequent charts are currently being produced and will be added to the membership as they are completed.


Games - Over the years has repeatedly discussed the incredible value that play has in learning. When children are engaged and enjoying what they are doing, they are learning. Within the Premium Membership there are several opportunities to strengthen students’ knowledge via games. Simile Shenanigans is a great way to encourage students to explore simile construction using classic literature. Recently we added the grammar games that are included with the Fix It! Grammar Cards as well. The games are a great way to help your students synthesize what they are learning in their grammar studies.


Checklist Generator - While this feature isn’t necessarily new, it does have some components that have been added that you may not know about. This tool makes fashioning custom checklists easily accomplished with just a few keystrokes. In addition to offering standard templates, teachers can also select from several product templates to modify, including Structure and Style for Students Levels 1A, 1B, 1C, and 2A. Several theme-based books are also available. If you don’t see a course offered, no problem! You can easily create your own checklist using the standard templates and then customize them from there. You can learn even more about the Checklist Generator by visiting this link.


There certainly are a lot of great features included with the Premium Membership. If you don’t yet have one, there are a number of ways to get started. If you purchase the full Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course (also included within the Structure and Style for Students Premier Packages), your materials will arrive in a box that will contain a card with a code to activate your membership for one year. You can also start your membership if you upgrade your first edition of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, or you can simply purchase the membership on its own. We have deliberately kept the annual renewal subscription low, at just $39 for the year, so that you can continue to enjoy the Premium Membership benefits from year to year.

We are genuinely excited to have curated this great collection of resources to help you as you teach your students. As time goes by, we will continue to develop more resources to add to the membership, all with the aim of helping you to become the best possible teacher to your students while saving you precious time as well.

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