Using Structure and Style for Students in the Classroom

May 25, 2021 | Posted by Laura

It’s been a delight to hear from so many teachers who have enjoyed using Structure and Style for Students (SSS) with their classes over the past school year. Many more have inquired as to how this course can best be utilized in a classroom setting or co-op, and this post will share those options.

  1. Live-teach the SSS.

To prepare to live-teach the SSS, the instructor previews the video clips of Andrew Pudewa teaching the lesson (either streaming or on DVDs), taking advantage of the notes in the Teacher’s Manual to prepare to teach the lesson herself. Students must have their own consumable Student Book ($29).

Why consider this option? Although instructors go through IEW’s core teacher-training course, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, there is no better way to hone teaching skills than to learn from Andrew Pudewa as he teaches students in the SSS. In a sense, you will be mentored by him as you incorporate into your teaching all that he presents on the video course. He’s done the heavy lifting of researching background information for the source texts, and he provides context and interesting information to share with your students. He offers practice with the stylistic techniques in creative ways, introduces vocabulary, and of course, you could also share his jokes! Not only does this method save preparation time, but you will walk into class with a memorable lesson that students will love!

Reviewing feedback given by instructors who were new to teaching the Structure and Style method this past year, we were delighted to learn how much confidence they gained after they received a year of “mentoring” from Andrew Pudewa via the SSS and then live-taught the material to their own students.

  1. View the videos in class.

This is a tremendously enjoyable option if the teacher has sufficient weekly time with students to watch the videos during class. However, many hybrid learning situations don’t have enough in-person time with their students to implement the course in this way. If you have the time to watch together, learning from Andrew Pudewa will provide an experience your students won’t soon forget!

  1. View the videos at home.

If your class has very limited time together, you might consider having families purchase the SSS, and your students can view the videos at home and begin the assignment for the week. When they come to class, the teacher facilitates learning by reviewing, answering questions, and helping students complete the work they have already begun. This option works particularly well for classes that meet only one time each week.

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Laura House discovered IEW while homeschooling her three children and now enjoys helping other families transform their students' abilities by introducing them to IEW. She serves as our Hybrid Schools Manager and as an exhibitor at homeschool conventions. Laura and her husband, Gary, live in Virginia.


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