Structure and Style for Students: The Best Thing We’ve Ever Done: Podcast Episode 208

Mar 04, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Structure and Style for Students is the fruit of many years of careful planning and hard work. In podcast Episode 208 Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker take listeners with them on a journey that describes the inception of the Student Writing Intensives and Continuation Courses and eventually leads to what Andrew calls “the best thing we’ve ever done”: Structure and Style for Students. Some of our listeners may be wondering why we felt the need to discontinue the much-loved intensives and develop something else. If you do too, this is the podcast for you. Andrew and Julie talk about the impetus that led him to retire the intensives and replace them with the SSS courses.

Several years ago Andrew Pudewa traveled around the country teaching a four-day intensive workshop that in due course was recorded and became the Student Writing Intensive. Parents and teachers wished for some extra lessons to reinforce what their students had learned in the videos. Jill Pike wrote these additional daily practice lessons that expanded the video course to cover fifteen weeks of instruction. A few years later, the Student Intensive Continuation Courses were developed as a way to fill in the gaps in the units that weren’t addressed in the original course. Over time, though, customers wanted streaming video with more instructor support. The time had come to develop an all-new series of comprehensive writing courses available on DVD or “Forever Streaming.”

Year 1 Level A of the SSS is available for purchase now, and we are excited to announce that as of today, Year 1 Level B is now available to pre-order and will be shipped the first week of April. We will be releasing Year 1 Level C early this summer. We hope that when you begin the course with your students, you will also agree with Andrew that it is indeed “the best thing we’ve ever done.”

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