IEW: Not Just for Homeschoolers! Podcast Episode 209

Mar 11, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


The history of the Institute for Excellence in Writing stretches back in time quite a ways, all the way back to the single-room schoolhouse where Anna Ingham taught students of many ages. Designing the program that she called the Blended Sound-Sight Program of Learning, she shared her method with her nephew, Dr. James B. Webster. He in turn took the program and shaped it to work in the college environment as he taught African history at his university in Canada.

From the primary schoolroom to the college lecture hall, eventually the Structure and Style method made its way to the homeschool through its introduction by Andrew Pudewa, founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. But from its very inception, Structure and Style was created for and successfully implemented in the brick and mortar, five-day-a-week classroom.

In podcast Episode 209, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker discuss IEW’s roots and introduce listeners to Sharyn Staggers, IEW’s lead educational consultant for the Schools Division. IEW has a robust Schools Division team that strives to provide exceptional service to the many schools that implement Structure and Style. While Structure and Style works very well in a homeschooling environment, its roots come from a full-time school framework, and the program works equally well in the school environment. To learn more about how IEW’s Schools Division team can serve your local school, listen to the podcast. If you are interested in learning more about how IEW can help, contact the Schools Division team by emailing them at or by calling them at 800.856.5815. They look forward to serving you.

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