Spelling That Sticks

Dec 31, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

If you missed the gifts given for Day 6, you can still access these resources:


On the sixth day of IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving, IEW focuses on the vital skill of spelling. Because English incorporates word elements that hail from many different places, many English sounds can be spelled multiple ways. Because of this, learning to spell in English is more challenging than in many other languages. To be able to correctly spell English words, students need to be able to hear the separate sounds in a word and then know which way each sound is spelled. It is a complex process. IEW’s common-sense approach to spelling can help!

The first gift for Day 6 is Andrew Pudewa’s popular presentation Spelling and the Brain. In the talk Andrew explains why taking weekly tests on topical lists of spelling words and using a visual approach to spelling is ineffective and frustrating for many students. He reveals how spelling information is more effectively stored in the brain. You can utilize this knowledge to teach your students how to spell so that the words stick.

The other gift is a two-lesson sampler from each level of The Phonetic Zoo, IEW’s multisensory spelling program, which follows the approach Andrew lays out in his Spelling and the Brain conference talk. Included is a sample of everything used to teach The Phonetic Zoo: the Lesson Cards, Zoo Cards, MP3 audio, and Teacher’s Notes.

Even if you missed the Twelve Days gift, we always offer one lesson of The Phonetic Zoo from each level free to sample here! Finally, “Speaking of Spelling” (Podcast 306) provides more tips to help you teach spelling.

Today’s post is written by William Schlueter, IEW Customer Service Representative



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