Reaching the Reluctant Writer, Part 2: Podcast Episode 289

Sep 29, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

During the last episode of The Arts of Language Podcast, Andrew and Julie used a much earlier article, “Writing without Tears,” to springboard their discussion about how teachers and teaching parents can support their students who are reluctant writers. In last week’s episode they described how the various structural models (IEW has nine with opportunities to expand beyond those.) and the key word outline help students feel more confident about writing.

In this week’s show, Episode 289, they continue discussing this important topic, focusing this time on the stylistic techniques, word lists, and checklist. The combination of these tools when applied in conjunction with the structural models helps students to not only learn to write at a level beyond what they would normally be able to achieve, they help the students to actually have more complex thoughts. To learn more about how this works, be sure to listen to the episode.

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