Poetry: The Great Language Builder

Dec 28, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

If you missed the gifts given for Day 3, you can still access these resources:


On the third day of IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving, IEW celebrates the wonderful gift of poetry and memorization by offering poetry and audio samples selected from the Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization course. Without memory, there is no learning. That is why it is so important to exercise students’ memorization muscles during the school years. Those years are an ideal time for learning songs, jingles, rhymes, and poems that provide linguistic material students will build on for the rest of their lives.

In Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, IEW provides your students a pathway of nearly eighty poems as well as twenty classic speeches spread over five levels, progressing from easy to more challenging. Over the course of study, these carefully curated pieces will teach your students cultural literacy, life lessons, vocabulary, history, and speaking skills, all of which will serve them for life.

Another special gift is Andrew’s practical talk “How to Memorize Poems.” Using the poem “Ooey Gooey,” the first selection in Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, Andrew demonstrates some useful techniques for memorizing verse. His suggestions will help you master poems (or any text) quickly and reliably.

The last component of the Day Three gifts is Andrew’s popular conference presentation By Heart – The Goodness of Memory. In this talk Andrew discusses how memorization is not just a learning tool—it is a way of internalizing truth and beauty that impacts who we are and how we view our world.

Today’s post is written by William Schlueter, IEW Customer Service Representative



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