Letter to the Editor: Podcast Episode 333

Aug 03, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In Andrew’s classroom he requests that his students hire an editor to look over and mark up their rough drafts prior to turning them in. In fact, Andrew has even written a letter directed to the person who assumes this special editorial role. As Andrew writes in the letter, “Every good writer has an encouraging editor.” But what does that editorial role actually look like?

In Podcast Episode 333 Julie reads the full letter, and Andrew provides additional insight about the job. He cautions editors against committing the first deadly error of teaching writing: overcorrecting. Instead, he recommends ensuring that the student’s work is “legal” without trying to fix sentences that may sound awkward.

This is a helpful and insightful episode for teachers and parents, especially before the school year starts. If you will be editing for students this upcoming year, then be sure to give this episode a listen!



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