Motivation and Classroom Management, Part 1: Podcast Episode 267

Apr 22, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker take up their mics once again in podcast Episode 267. In this first of two episodes, they consider the term “motivation.” What is motivation, and what does it mean? How can educators inspire their students to become motivated to learn?

During this week’s conversation, they introduce the concept of relevancy and its role in motivating students. Anna Ingham understood this concept well. She asserted, “You have to teach at the point of need.” But what does this look like, especially in the classroom environment?

Andrew and Julie explain. Listen to the podcast to learn about the four forms of relevancy and how these forms can appear in the classroom. And then next week, be sure to join us again, when Andrew and Julie carry the conversation further as he shares more of his ideas about motivation and how it influences classroom management.

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