It’s a Wrap!

Jan 14, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

With the final day of IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving event only recently completed, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the days and to thank all of you who participated and who shared their thoughts about them with us. Your comments really made our day! Each of the twelve days focused on a different theme. Gifts reflected the topics of writing, vocabulary, the Arts of Language Podcast, poetry, special education, humor, classroom and co-op teachers, spelling, grammar, cursive, and our Premium Membership. To cap it off, this past weekend the IEW folks mailed out thousands of sets of Fix It! Grammar Cards, the final day’s gift.

It really is one of our favorite events of the year, and we are especially gratified by the comments we have received from those who participated. If you were able to take part in the event, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that you were able to find some gifts that will aid you in your teaching. For those of you who unfortunately missed it, while the gifts are no longer available, we want you to know that we do have a page dedicated to other gifts that you can receive anytime, which you can access here.

On the page you will find links to sample lessons for Fix It! Grammar, The Phonetic Zoo, Structure and Style for Students, and Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. Additionally at the bottom of the page is a link to a monthly drawing for a free level of Structure and Style for Students as well as more testimonials from some parents and teachers sharing about why they love IEW’s curriculum.

Once more, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Twelve Days of Christmas event. While the celebration is over, we hope the gifts will continue to help you as you teach your students throughout 2022 and beyond.

Here are just a few of the kind words shared with us during this year’s celebration:

The new Fix It! is awesome!!!! I was already excited about it, and my son thought I was crazy. But I feel like we’ve hit the jackpot with IEW. ~ Pamela G.


This has been so fun … I have looked forward to the emails every day! Thank you! ❤️ ~ Laura R.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Quizlet links for the vocabulary!! I have done this one on my own periodically for my son, but it's very time consuming, and many times I either don't have the time or simply forget. This is a wonderful addition. ~ Lisa S.


Thank you!! We have been enjoying Structure and Style for Students and Fix It! Grammar as parts of our curriculum this year and really appreciate all these extras the last twelve days! ~ Rachel S.


This is the first time I've been involved with the Twelve Days of Christmas,and although I was impressed by your company before, this event has increased my appreciation for the support, products, and tools you provide. My husband typically leaves all the homeschool decisions to me, but during the evenings of this event, he was asking if I was going to be watching another video and if he could listen in. Great job, Andrew Pudewa and team! Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us educate our children. ~ Jackie D.


This is by far my favorite! Thank you so much! Even after three years teaching and using TWSS, I find more and more useful tips, lessons, etc! ~ Laura E.


Thank you for faithfully being there for those of us who struggle with teaching English! We have enjoyed using everything offered since our son was in second grade! (He’s now in ninth grade.) ~ Leanna H.


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