Homeschool 101, An Interview with Sam Sorbo: Podcast Episode 305

Jan 19, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

From time to time Andrew and Julie welcome guests into the Arts of Language Podcast studio. Such was the case recently when the two invited Sam Sorbo in for a discussion. Andrew first met Sam several years ago at a convention in California when they were both taking part in a panel discussion, and they have stayed in touch ever since. Sorbo, an author, actress, model, and homeschool mom, is wife to Kevin Sorbo, who is known for playing the titular character in the television series Hercules as well as his role in God’s Not Dead. Together, in 2017 Kevin and Sam produced their own movie, Let There Be Light.

During the episode Sam shares her journey in home education, beginning with the family’s earliest days as homeschoolers. Initially Sam struggled with feelings of inadequacy generated by her years in public education. Thankfully she came to discover the classical approach to homeschooling, which resonated with her. Encouraged, she moved forward in strength and with faith, confident that she was pursuing the right educational path for her children and her family.

Part of her mission today is to relieve the burden from homeschool parents and help them to understand that they are not replicating school at home. Rather, she asserts that families should embrace a self-teaching philosophy that allows children to assume responsibility for their own education. Rather than focus on the three Rs of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic), she elevates the idea of the three Fs: faith (representing worldview), family (signifying the relationship with the family first and then the world), and freedom (the idea that knowledge leads to freedom).

This episode is packed chock-full of thought-provoking ideas. Whether you are a brand new home educator or one who’s been homeschooling for decades, you will find this episode enlightening and encouraging.


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