An Interview with Linda Mikkotis, Schools Division Senior Implementation Coach: Podcast Episode 133

Apr 04, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Many years ago when the seeds for what would become the Institute for Excellence in Writing were first planted, they were sown in a school classroom. IEW has continued to support teachers through its Schools Division, and this week’s podcast, Episode 133, features a conversation between Andrew Pudewa, Julie Walker, and Linda Mikottis, IEW’s Schools Division Senior Implementation Coach.

A degreed school teacher who worked in special education, Linda first learned about IEW more than twenty years ago. Since that time, she has worked for IEW as an implementation coach, equipping teachers to take IEW’s writing methodology into their classrooms. Linda is passionate about sharing IEW’s Structure and Style™ approach because she has seen first-hand how it grows students’ writing abilities and confidence.

According to Linda, with the changing state standards, effective writing instruction has moved to the forefront of schools’ educational goals for their students. Schools understand that students who can write are students who can think. We hope that you will enjoy this podcast and will discover how IEW’s school implementation coaches can help your school district build strong writers by getting started with IEW. If you would like to request a free examination packet, click this link, or if you prefer to speak with one of our Educational Consultants directly, contact our office at 800-856-5815.

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