Spring into Nature

Apr 02, 2018 | Posted by Michelle


Spring. A time of fresh flowers, warm weather, and long walks. In the spring, neighborhoods buzz with the sound of lawn mower engines, and the aroma of newly cut grass greets hopeful children hosting corner lemonade stands. While I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood and my lemonade stand was only frequented by a few trusty regulars, living in the country during this season could not be beat.

Being homeschooled meant that I had a few advantages—I could wake up early, eat cereal while solving math problems, and finish my lessons with plenty of sunshine and warm breezes to spare. The best part of it all, though, was the chance to throw a blanket over my shoulder and venture outside. On days when I could make it to the sun-warmed trampoline, I would unfurl the blanket, drop onto my back, and open my book. Here is where I would spend happy hours turning the pages, devouring stories, and every once in awhile taking a break to cloud-watch and stretch my legs. From completing homework to inspecting the clouds to hosting picnics, the trampoline served as a greatly desired destination in the March–May months.

Unfortunately, while I was privileged to nurture a love for creation because of my environment, the great outdoors have unforeseen rivals for today’s people—technology and long schedules. Why go outside to pick flowers and build tree forts when you can do it all while sitting on a sofa with your fingertips on an app? And even if you want to venture outside, class and work schedules often tend to prevent the possibility of outdoor activities.

These days, I find myself inside most of the time. While a building does have perks such as internet and air conditioning, there is just something about it that doesn’t quite replace the quality of a blue sky and birds singing. With arrival of spring weather, I’ve made it a habit to move my co-op Latin class outside to play Latin games, relax in the environment, and enjoy the smell of the dandelions. With more and more people experiencing “Nature Deficit Disorder”, the ever-increasing need to get back to the real basics of enjoying what is around us is imperative. Spring is the season of all things new—there is no better time to sip some lemonade, enjoy learning, or simply be outside.


Michelle Robinson started out working in Production and as a marketing assistant, but now enjoys working with the Customer Service Department. Having been homeschooled her whole life, Michelle had the opportunity to compete in a homeschool speech and debate league. Because she is a Latin scholar, Michelle has been asked to teach that subject to the local homeschooling community. Michelle is passionate about photography, her friends, and her faith.

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