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Sep 16, 2015 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


I recently received an email announcing that I was the happy recipient of a particular marketing company’s latest feat, A Marketer’s Guide to Writing (actual title changed so I don’t appear to be tattling!) Usually I pay little attention to such emails, but this one succeeded in catching my eye enough to warrant an investigation. After filling in the necessary boxes to receive my free download—essentially signing on the dotted line—I opened the guide in great anticipation of the complimentary wisdom that awaited me. What I found was a bit confusing.

Guide: “It’s not easy, but you CAN write!”

Me: “Joyous day! I just knew it. Now, how?”

Guide: “Don’t be afraid to write!”

Me: “I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid!”

Guide: “Be yourself! Don’t copy anyone. Original wins!”

(Apprehension strikes.)

Guide: “Write with empathy, emotion, and rhythm!”


Guide: “JUST WRITE!”

Me: “BUT HOW??”

End of Guide. Cue despair.

After reading through the manual, I couldn’t help but wonder if most people who lack the qualities praised would find this guide not a little disconcerting—especially those of us afflicted with paper and pen allergies or profound phlegmatism. All the tips are aimed at the style and flare of the finished product with ne’er a word about how to successfully arrive there.

Which brings us to the IEW difference.

IEW offers something truly unique. It offers the concrete steps of writing—the how-to manual, if you will. Too many students freeze at the blank page. And who wouldn’t? It is the equivalent of handing someone a box of random tools, throwing in a few planks, and then expecting a bedroom bureau complete with stain and exquisite carvings within the hour. Ridiculous! True, they have the tools and talent available, but in order to utilize their possessions, they need to know how and when to use a hammer, saw, or drill.

IEW provides not only the tools of writing, but clear instructions on how to use those tools to build a solid structure along with a variety of stylistic techniques that embellish and beautify the work. Just as every famous composer was once pounding out scales, so must students of writing be acquainted with the basic elements of composition before creativity can freely flow.

Don’t just take my word for the effective results this approach can have. Here are the comments of several first-time IEW users:

“This is our first year using IEW and my two boys are not just getting it, they aren't intimidated anymore by writing! This is BIG! The results have been phenomenal!”

“My 10th grader is amazed at what he can do now. Last year it took him all day to write a five paragraph essay. Now he can write it in an hour. He says that IEW shows you how to do it rather than the other methods that just say ‘do it.’”

I’m convinced this method can make a difference. Are you?


Kristin Boutross grew up as part of a large homeschooling family in the rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma. In addition to working in IEW's customer service department, she also assists the Director of Marketing. Teaching IEW classes for a local homeschool co-op, she has especially enjoyed being an assistant teacher to Andrew Pudewa. She enjoys snow, singing, teaching, traveling, being with family and friends, and working with and for IEW

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