Hybrid schools: Homeschooling just got a lot easier.

Nov 11, 2015 | Posted by Laura


Hybrid schools are popping up across the country at an astounding rate. At these schools, homeschooled students attend classes 2–3 days per week. The school chooses the curriculum, and teachers assign grades and provide the primary instruction. During the days that students are at home, parents the continue instruction. Why are so many families considering this option?


With the demands of homeschooling, it can be helpful to have a little positive peer pressure and some deadlines. "Final draft due Friday? We'd better get busy!"


Teaching every subject can become mundane for both mom and student; having someone else as the primary teacher for a few subjects can be an enjoyable change.


Although a vast array of curriculum today allows a mom to successfully teach most subjects without extensive knowledge in each area, it can be a delight to have a hybrid school teacher who is truly an expert in the field teaching your students. Few things can ignite a love for learning like a teacher who is passionate about the material she is teaching. As moms, we strive to do this every day. However, taking advantage of a hybrid school situation can allow this to happen in subjects where our enthusiasm is a bit more contrived.


In a hybrid school teachers give feedback and assign grades. Many parents appreciate the constructive feedback and welcome a grade given by someone else.


A hybrid school experience offers many opportunities to create friendships and enjoy time with other students. In a writing class students usually present their papers to the class, providing a great public speaking opportunity. And it's just plain fun to be in a class of students playing Banned Word Hangman, IEW Jeopardy, or Simile Shenanigans.

If you are interested in this type of school, a Google search should lead you to hybrid schools in your area, or you might inquire at your local homeschool group. You can also check out the National Association of University-Model® Schools, which includes hybrid schools across the country.

Here at IEW we have recently launched a new Hybrid School Division, completely devoted to providing the support needed to teach IEW materials in this unique setting. Do you know of a school that might enjoy receiving an examination packet? Email HybridSchools@IEW.com.


Laura House discovered IEW while homeschooling her three children and now enjoys helping other families transform their students' abilities by introducing them to IEW. She serves as the Hybrid Schools Manager and as an exhibitor at homeschool conventions. Laura and her husband, Gary, live in Virginia, close to their three grown children who are also grateful for the skills they learned from IEW.‚Äč


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