Getting Started with Theme-Based Writing Lessons

Dec 28, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

On Day 3 of Twelve Days of Christmas Giving, IEW is giving you a three-week sample of three theme-based writing lessons. Be sure you are registered for the event to receive the email with links to the gifts and the free shipping code.

Christmas can be a time of traditions but also a time of trying new things. Have you used our video courses but wondered what the theme-based lessons are like? Now is the perfect time to download this gift and try something new!

What is a theme-based lesson? IEW’s theme-based lessons provide a full year of ready-made lesson plans to support you in teaching the Structure and Style method of writing to your students in the context of history, literature, science, and more. To make this easy, the theme-based courses include source texts, checklists, and assignments centered around a particular theme as well as detailed written instructions for you and your student. Since you’ll teach your student directly, don’t forget to bookmark the second free gift—an Arts of Language podcast episode of “Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing” (Episode 359).

What are the advantages to using theme-based lessons? These offer the benefit of not needing a device to watch the videos. Additionally, you can choose themes that go along with what you are studying in other areas or what your students are interested in. Because these books all begin with Unit 1 and yet also provide new and enticing topics, both new and returning IEW students can use them. Some theme-based lessons have multiple levels of instruction included through Simplified Source Texts or Advanced Additions, so you can use them with multiple ages. A teacher who is trained in and experienced with IEW’s methodology will also be able to use the EZ+1 approach to tailor a student’s checklist.

What do you need to start the theme-based lessons? Watch the new Get Started with IEW video to help you launch your writing journey. Since they do not include a student video component, the theme-based lessons presume that the instructor has been through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course and is prepared to directly teach the material to the students. Watch the Structure and Style Overview for a taste of that course.

by Danielle Olander

P.S. Don’t forget to use the code for free standard domestic shipping on any online order from December 26–January 6.

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