Getting Started with Methods for Learning Differences

Jan 04, 2024 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Welcome to Day 10 of IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving! So far IEW has shared gifts to support grammar, spelling, speaking, and writing. Today’s gifts support students with learning differences and the people who teach them. Be sure you are registered for the event to receive the email with links to the gifts and the free shipping code.

According to current estimates, approximately 15% of people living in the United States have learning differences. The most common learning difference by far is in reading, most typically caused by dyslexia.

Our first gift shares the gift of learning through play. A component of IEW’s Primary Arts of Language is supporting phonics instruction with phonetic games. We are sharing PDFs of ten of these file folder games. Use them as a complement to your phonics instruction. Playing educational games helps to cement concepts in students’ minds. The games also provide a bit of relief for teachers and students in the midst of an academically challenging day.

We are also delighted to share with you a brand new video recording of Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing. Knowing what those errors are will help you avoid common pitfalls in your writing instruction and will help your students gain more confidence and find more joy in the writing process.

Are you wondering how IEW’s methodology works for students with learning differences? The Arts of Language podcast provides the answer! Check out the Arts of Language podcast episode “Why IEW Works for Students with Learning Differences” (Episode 356). Hear from people who have taught their students with learning differences and be encouraged. There are also several links in the show notes that will deepen your understanding of IEW as well as links to episodes where Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker interview experts in the field of special education. These experts provide information about what types of instructional approaches support students who learn differently.

The gift giving days are nearly done for this event, but there are still two days yet to come. You don’t want to miss them, so check your email for the reminder to claim the remaining gifts.

by Jennifer Mauser

P.S. Don’t forget to use the code for free standard domestic shipping on any online order from December 26–January 6.

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