Getting Started with Introduction to Public Speaking

Jan 02, 2024 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

The gifts on Day 8 of IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving provide everything you need to start your students on the path to becoming confident and competent public speakers. Be sure you are registered for the event to receive the email with links to the gifts and the free shipping code.

The first gift today is the Cultivating Language Arts – Preschool through High School conference talk. Andrew Pudewa refers to a 1904 report card and notes that elocution, the ability to speak clearly and confidently to peers and other adults, was a standalone subject. It was a valued skill. Andrew points out in the Arts of Language podcast episode “IEW’s New Introduction to Public Speaking(Episode 374) that no matter what people pursue in life, they will rise into leadership roles if they can speak and write well.

The next gift is two weeks of free lessons in a completely digital format for IEW's video course Introduction to Public Speaking. This course provides middle- and high-school students with lessons for five speeches along with tools and practice techniques to increase their confidence when speaking in front of an audience of any size.

Introduction to Public Speaking is packed with resources for teachers as well. Armed with the included instructional videos of Andrew Pudewa teaching each lesson to a classroom and exemplars for each speech, teachers, regardless of their speech training, can confidently facilitate the lessons. The blogpost “IPS in the Classroom” provides tips and suggestions for using IPS with your students.

Introduction to Public Speaking has received rave reviews. Once you use the two weeks of free lessons, we think you will agree!

by Andrea Pewthers

P.S. Don’t forget to use the code for free standard domestic shipping on any online order from December 26–January 6.

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