Do I Really Need Teaching Writing: Structure and Style?

Sep 18, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


If your students are using IEW’s new Structure and Style for Students (SSS) program this year, you may be wondering whether you actually need Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) in order to teach them. After all, the SSS is taught by IEW’s founder, Andrew Pudewa. The answer is that while you will be able to move through the SSS courses without the TWSS, you will find that going through the TWSS as a parent, teacher, or tutor offers many benefits. The Teacher’s Manual for the SSS gives specific instructions regarding what and when to watch the TWSS, making it very easy to integrate both programs. Happily, it’s a one-time investment that you will continue to consult for years to come.

Working through the TWSS provides you with the opportunity to see a broad overview of IEW’s Structure and Style writing method. Think of it as a road map. Knowing your route and destination allows you to better enjoy the journey and make any necessary adjustments along the way. Additionally you are easily able to transfer what you have learned in the course to design writing assignments across your curriculum. Indeed, you can create meaningful writing assignments in science, history, or any other content area of your choosing. The TWSS helps you become a more confident guide.

In addition to providing you with a “big picture” view of Structure and Style, the TWSS helps you understand how to differentiate instruction between students of different ages or abilities and those with unique learning challenges. Not only that, but the TWSS helps you discern how to evaluate your students’ writing efforts so that you can effectively help them grow their skills.

Moreover, another benefit of getting Teaching Writing: Structure and Style is that doing so provides you with a full year of IEW’s Premium Membership. Having this membership empowers you with a host of other perks, including the following:

Here are a few customers’ thoughts about Teaching Writing: Structure and Style:

I was already excited about using SSS for my student, but the TWSS gave me the confidence to both teach the material and master it for my own writing development. Furthermore, I was able to see the big picture on how writing is essential to all learning, no matter the content. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids AND me grow more confident and skilled in our writing!

– Barbara E.


There are so many helpful nuggets in the TWSS curriculum that I can confidently say, "Don't skip this. If you think you will be teaching writing for years to come, the time invested in TWSS is worth it." My favorite advice from IEW that I learned early on is, "You can't help your child too much." This applies across all subjects, all grade levels, and all children, whether homeschooled or schooling outside the home. I don't know why parents need permission to help their kids (with homework), but we do, and once we have that permission, it changes everything.

– Steph T.


As demonstrated above, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style is most certainly an invaluable resource to aid you in teaching your students to write. Simply stated, going through the TWSS will make you a better teacher. By investing in your own education, you are also investing in the education of your students. Teaching writing can be challenging. Teaching Writing: Structure and Style can smooth the way.

If you’ve already purchased Structure and Style for Students and want to add the TWSS, contact us at and ask how to upgrade to an SSS Premier package.

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