IEW's New Introduction to Public Speaking: Podcast 374

May 24, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

It’s here! After many months we are proud to introduce our newest video product, Introduction to Public Speaking! In this program middle- and high-school students learn memory and delivery techniques for five different types of speeches, tips on where to stand and where to look, and other valuable skills for becoming confident verbal communicators. Join Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker as they elaborate on the new Introduction to Public Speaking.

What is valuable or important about learning public speaking? Andrew tells students that no matter what they pursue in life they will rise up into leadership roles if they can speak and write well. For future success you want them to be confident and competent communicators.

Introduction to Public Speaking (IPS) is an oral communication program utilizing written elements such as key word outlines and written speeches. Students write and present five different types of speeches: self-introductory, narrative, expository, persuasive, and impromptu. Additionally, these speeches and a poetry recitation are modeled for the students in the videos.

When you purchase the IPS program, you will receive the Teacher’s Manual, Student Binder and Packet, Forever Streaming videos, and a Portable Walls for the Public Speaker reference tool. Listen in as Andrew and Julie share more details and announce another Portable Walls product coming soon.


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