All about Accreditation: Podcast Episode 258

Feb 17, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Did you know that IEW has an accreditation process? It’s true! It was introduced the summer of 2008, and since that time many people have applied to become IEW accredited instructors. In podcast Episode 258 Andrew and Julie discuss the origins of the accreditation program: why it began and what it can offer to both instructors and their students.

Additionally they describe the various levels of accreditation. There are essentially three: Registered, Certified, and Accomplished. In fact there are four levels, but only Andrew is in the highest level—Master Teacher. IEW greatly values all of its accredited instructors. They have read and studied the Seminar Workbook. They have completed the hard work of demonstrating their understanding of Structure and Style and have the knowledge to use the EZ+1 approach to teach their students how to write.

Have you considered becoming an accredited instructor? Or are you a parent looking for an accredited instructor for your student? This is a great episode to listen to! You’ll learn so much about how the accreditation process works. We hope it will further inspire instructors to commit to going through the process. We also hope that it will help parents feel more confident about finding a writing instructor who faithfully teaches Structure and Style. There are a lot of writing teachers on the Internet who have set out their shingle, but not all of them are accredited. This podcast episode will help you understand why that matters.

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