Addressing Misunderstandings about the Stylistic Techniques, Part 2: Podcast Episode 279

Jul 21, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In the latest episode of the Arts of Language Podcast, Episode 279, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker continue their discussion begun in Episode 278. During that initial conversation they related four misunderstandings about Structure and Style. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to listen to it, be sure that you do. It will prepare you for the continuation of the conversation, where Andrew and Julie pick up where they left off—discussing point four in more depth and then turning their attention to the remaining three misunderstandings.

They are as follows:

Misunderstanding #4: Students should never include the word said in their writing.

Misunderstanding #5: Following the checklist causes awkwardness in writing.

Misunderstanding #6: Kids will catch you saying a banned word.

Misunderstanding #7: If everyone follows the same checklist, then the students’ pieces all will sound the same, and you will have formulaic writing.

Both of these episodes convey information that is important to the understanding of the purpose behind the Composition Checklist. Have you ever wondered about these misunderstandings or been questioned about them by a colleague or friend? Listening to both episodes, you will gain clarity about the purpose behind the stylistic techniques and banned word lists and will be able to confidently enter your school year with that knowledge in place.


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