Week 6 of the Great TWSS Adventure: Unit 6

Jul 16, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Last Week

When Andrew Pudewa and Nathan King reconvened for last week’s Facebook Live event, they began by discussing some of the differences between Unit 3 and Unit 5. Andrew explained that Unit 5 can range in number of paragraphs, from one paragraph to more than three. Furthermore, he explained that the purpose of each paragraph in Unit 5 is the same, but that in Unit 3, always a three-paragraph model, each paragraph has its own function. There are other differences between the two units that they describe, so be sure to catch the recording, which you can access at this link.

Attendees posed several excellent questions which were dutifully answered. A small sample of them include queries about the topic/clincher rule, how to title a composition, and whether or not a student can combine multiple facts into one sentence. It was an informative assembly.


This Week

Here is the homework for this week:

  • Watch the entire Video 6. If you want to split the video into two different sessions, watch until the end of the practicum instructions (63 minutes), then pick back up with the “Stylistic Techniques: Advanced Dress-Ups” session in “Scene Selection” (28 minutes).

  • Read pages 83—108, 171, and 187 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Complete the practicum assignment.

    • Complete the Unit 6 Practicum: Elephant Report Using Mini-Books (pages 96—107).

Did you miss the Facebook Live session? No worries! You can catch the recording here. Do you still have questions? We’ve got you covered! Just give our Customer Service team a call at 800.856.5815, or connect with them on chat.

Finally, don’t forget that each week of the event we hold a drawing for a $50 IEW gift certificate. Be sure you’re registered for it!

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