Week 7 of the Great TWSS Adventure: Unit 7

Jul 27, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Teachers and teaching parents from across the globe who are participating in the Great Adventure will tackle Unit 7 this week. Many teachers are very excited to reach this unit because it is where students synthesize what they have been learning throughout prior units. This is where they begin to write from prompts. Up to this point, students have had source materials, either written text or images, which they use to construct their key word outlines.

While students are writing from their brains, they aren’t without support. There is a model that students follow which provides the structure, and this guides them to ask the questions needed to formulate their key word outlines.

So what types of assignment prompts might a student write about in this unit? There are many enjoyable ones! For example, in Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons (Level B), students write an essay from this prompt: Write about three virtues that you believe are important. In Structure and Style for Students Level 1A, students have the opportunity to write about a place of their choice, a person of their choice, and a subject of their choice before they reach the final assignment in that unit: writing a five-paragraph letter. The possibilities are endless for this versatile unit.

If you are adventuring with us this week, your homework assignment is listed below.


  • Watch the entire Video 7: Inventive Writing (Unit 7). It runs approximately 112 minutes.

  • Read pages 109‒124 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Complete the practicum assignment.

    • Write the basic 5-paragraph essay.

    • Submit your outline, rough draft, essay, and checklist (pages 122‒123).

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If you didn’t catch the Facebook Live yesterday, you can view the recording here.

We will “see” you soon! Enjoy adventuring through this week’s assignment.

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