Adam Bautista's Story

Mar 10, 2016 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

How IEW built confidence, competence, and an engaging culture in a 4th-grade classroom

Mr. Adam Bautista is a 4th-grade teacher who participated in a field study of IEW methodology at Berwyn North School District in Berwyn, Illinois. Distinguishing himself early, he was a recipient of the Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois Scholarship and the Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship. He holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with an ESL endorsement from the American College of Education (ACE). With his background, Mr. Bautista is qualified to recommend our approach as beneficial for all elementary students, especially non-native English speakers.

1. What training in writing instruction had you had before IEW?
Prior to IEW, I had no formal training in writing instruction. I utilized teacher resource books on the teaching of various writing genres.

2. What does our methodology do differently from everything else you have tried?
All other models I’ve tried usually just provided writing prompts and some tips on what is needed to master that type of writing. The IEW lessons build upon each other week by week, releasing more responsibility on the students each week as they gain more skills and confidence in their writing.

3. At what point did you start believing this could make a real difference? Before the training, during the training, or in the classroom?


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