Hot Off the Press! Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization (Second Edition)

Mar 12, 2016 | Posted by Julie Walker

If you have ever heard Andrew Pudewa speak, you have likely heard him say this: “You can’t get something out of a brain that isn’t in there to begin with!” He generally shares this when he talks about the frustration that teachers and students experience when they struggle to come up with ideas or when they are lacking in the “reliably correct and sophisticated language patterns” (another of Andrew’s favorite phrases) needed to express themselves clearly and eloquently. I should know. I’ve had the privilege of working with this gifted presenter and speaker for many years.

Most recently, I have enjoyed working as Andrew’s project manager for the newly revised second edition of Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization and have had the privilege of

  • sitting in on the recent video recording of Nurturing Competent Communicators

  • collaborating in Andrew’s selection of the twenty speeches that are now included as Level 5 of the new edition

  • working with the illustrator to create images for the student “coloring pages”

  • discussing with my friend Jill Pike ideas for the lesson enhancements now included with the new product

  • and, perhaps my favorite part, being in the same room with Andrew, two editors, and our sound engineer, who also happens to be my son, and listening to the re-recording of the dozens of poems along with the speeches that make up this product.

We have bundled all of this together into a truly “new and improved” second edition of what was already a terrific resource! In fact, we are so pleased with how it turned out we are wrapping it up in a beautiful box.

So, what’s in the box?

  1. A wallet containing five audio CDs—one for each of the four levels of poetry and one of speeches—PLUS a newly-recorded Nurturing Competent Communicators DVD

  2. A 200-page Teacher’s Manual that includes

  • instructions and background on the mastery learning or Suzuki Method™
  • 76 poems, the easiest being only four lines while others are dozens of lines long
  • 20 speeches arranged chronologically with annotations to give historic context
  • poet and speech writer biographies
  • a helpful appendix with, among other things, optional lesson enhancement ideas for every poem
  • access to a complementary student e-book with selected images for your student to color while listening (170 pages)*
  • access to seven(!) audio downloads

* If you would prefer to purchase the Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Student e-book as a preprinted, spiral-bound book, it is available at

By the way, if you are one of the thousands who already own the first edition of this product, you can upgrade your product with e-files here. Or, you may just choose to purchase the whole new set so you can have the book and CDs in hand. It really is that great!

Andrew calls this product one of his absolute favorites that we sell. I agree! And with the new edition I believe you will find it to be easier than ever to use. More importantly, no matter the ages or aptitude of your students, this program will furnish their minds and build the linguistic database they need to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.


Would you like a chance to win a free copy of Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization? Click here to enter this final Hot Off the Press drawing. (Winner to be drawn Friday, March 18.) Congratulations to Katherine V., winner of this week's drawing!

Julie Walker, IEW's Marketing Director, was a schoolteacher and homeschool leader for many years. She and her husband, David, provided a home education for their three sons. After their youngest son graduated, she went back to school herself, completing her MBA at Biola University. Although she relocated with IEW from California to Oklahoma, Julie finds many reasons to go west and enjoy the California sunshine.

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