Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]

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Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership] Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style®, Second Edition [Forever Streaming or DVD Video Seminar, Workbook, Premium Membership]
This powerful and inspiring seminar will transform the way you teach writing to children (and perhaps your own writing as well)! You'll learn how to incrementally teach students to write with clear structure and compelling style. Begin with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continue all the way into advanced creative and essay writing. Learn how to nurture excellence in writing and thinking in students of any age.

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Many parents and teachers who have taken this course have expressed, “I wish I had learned this when I was in school!”





Watch Videos/Excerpts:

Whether your students are eager learners or reluctant writers, the award-winning Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video seminar will give you the tools you need to confidently teach your students to write well, think clearly, and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

Teachers or teaching parents of students in grades K–12 and beyond will learn how to effectively teach their students to

  • outline and summarize
  • generate cohesive paragraphs
  • create stories
  • produce reports and critiques
  • develop essays
  • translate their thoughts and ideas into writing
  • vary sentence structure
  • use interesting vocabulary
  • add literary devices


This complete package includes

  • twelve Forever Streaming* Videos or DVDs:
    • nine streaming videos or DVDs of the entire Teaching Writing: Structure and Style teacher training course, providing instruction on the nine structural models and multiple stylistic techniques (14 hours total viewing time—may be watched all at once, or viewed one at a time throughout the school year)
    • three streaming videos or DVDs of sample Student Workshops at four different grade levels to help you with that first lesson
  • Premium Membership that allows you access to the following for one year from the date of activation:
    • streaming video of the entire Teaching Writing: Structure and Style teacher training course
    • streaming video of sample Student Workshops at four different grade levels to help you with that first lesson
    • online Master Classes taught by Andrew Pudewa
    • free access to our online IEW Checklist Generator™
    • audio MP3 downloads of Andrew Pudewa’s most popular conference talks
    • several PDF downloads
  • TWSS Seminar Workbook, which serves as the guide for the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and contains charts, word lists, sample lesson plans, and more!

*Forever Streaming is available from IEW.com as long as it is needed by the original purchaser. Nontransferable.

To be considered for accreditation, it is required that an applicant own a TWSS2 Seminar Workbook, Second Edition.

See how the 2015 version (Second Edition) of the TWSS was updated.

Visit IEW.com/TWSS2-UP if you purchased the 2000 edition of the TWSS DVDs new sometime within the past 15 years and would like to upgrade to the 2015 edition.


About the Teacher’s Seminar

This video seminar is our primary offering for teachers and parents, presenting a system of structural models (e.g., narrative, essay, report) and stylistic techniques (e.g., strong verbs, quality adjectives, and a variety of sentence openers) applicable for students of all ages and aptitudes.

The set includes the full teacher training course on nine DVDs, along with four demonstration lessons showing the first step of the process being taught to students at four different grade levels—an enjoyable jump start with Structure & Style. The accompanying Seminar Workbook becomes your syllabus and teaching manual.

Unlike many creative writing programs, this more classical system stresses modeling and builds a firm foundation of specific skills. As students practice each format and master each technique, they develop confidence—and consequently, creativity. Even the youngest student can gain a sense of structure and a repertoire of style; high school or university students will see instant improvement in their written communication.

This program allows for easy customization, effective implementation, and concise grading. After learning it yourself, you will be able to communicate to students exactly what is expected of them as they master new skills one step at a time. You will learn how to teach your students to outline and summarize, add style to their writing, create stories, produce reports, write critiques, develop essays, analyze literature, and put into writing the information they have hidden in their brains. Assignments can be integrated with content areas of history, geography, science, religion, literature, etc.

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style is easy to implement. Simply watch the first disc of your teacher’s seminar and then present that lesson to your student. The Seminar Workbook has sample assignments and ideas to help you. Once you and your student master the material from the first disc, watch and teach another. To aid you in the teaching of the first lesson, view the Student Workshop at the appropriate level. (For more student lessons on video, see the Structure and Style for Students.)

About the Student Workshops

Included with this seminar are four student workshops. Each one shows Andrew Pudewa demonstrating the first writing lesson at each of four levels. (Note: for more in-depth modeling of teaching through the entire syllabus, see the Structure and Style for Students video courses.)

The Primary Workshop (Level P) teaches 1st–2nd graders to create a key word outline from a short paragraph and then use the outline to write a paragraph of their own. Students are also taught how to use substitutes for said. (about 40 minutes)

The Elementary Workshop (Level A) shows 3rd–5th graders how to create a key word outline from a paragraph and then use the outline to write a paragraph of their own. Additionally the students are taught how to “dress-up” their writing with adverbs and strong verbs. They are also shown how they can be creative by changing the details in their story and how to create a memorable title. (about 95 minutes)

The Intermediate Workshop instructs 6th–8th graders (Level B) how to create a key word outline from a short report and write a paragraph. They too are shown how to dress up their writing with adverbs, noun clauses, strong verbs and more. Choosing a title is also discussed. (about 95 minutes)

The Advanced Workshop, for grades 9 and above (Level C), not only presents how to create a key word outline from a report, but also shows students how to take notes from a live lecture. Students then learn effective ways to write their paragraph and to use these skills to study effectively. The style of using a variety of sentence openers is explained before the presentation of the writing assignment. (about 100 minutes)

Click here to view a list of online resources we recommend to assist in your teaching.

Specifications: 9 seminar streaming videos or DVDs, 3 student demo streaming videos or DVDs, 240 page binder

ISBN: Forever Streaming: 978-1-62341-336-1, DVDs: 978-1-62341-223-4

Edition: Second Edition, February 2015

Copyright Date: 2015


Disc media may not be copied.

Transmission or broadcasting of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video content is prohibited.


Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Seminar and Workbook:

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No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author, except as provided by U.S.A. copyright law.

"Thanks to IEW, my oldest son loves to get writing assignments!"
Tammy W.

"Hello, I'm a mom of 4. IEW has saved our family!"
Homeschool Mom

Back in 2001, my kids were in 7th, 5th, and 2nd grades. I wanted to teach them how to write well, but every writing curriculum I looked at or tried seemed to just tell students what to write without teaching them how. Most started with the dreaded blank page and no instruction on how to fill it up. Needless to say, we were all getting frustrated!

Finally, I found out about IEW and decided to give it a try. I am a big picture person, so I sat and watched the entire TWSS in the evenings throughout a couple of weeks. The more I watched, the more excited I became! I couldn’t wait to get started! I finally had the tools I needed to teach my children how to write!

We started, and Units 1 and 2 were incredibly successful! My two older kids took off with it and were writing several paragraphs a week, enjoying the challenge of coming up with the stylistic techniques. I loved how IEW did not separate writing from other subjects, but rather was a tool to help them learn. We found that writing about what we were learning helped us master the material much more effectively.

The kids were building impressive writing notebooks bursting with structural model sheets, style words and examples, key word outlines, and final copies of their compositions. All the tools they needed to write well were in those notebooks. It was great to be able to assign an essay and know that they knew exactly what steps to take to write one. It was also such a joy to go back and read their compositions and see how far they had progressed!

Eventually we started using other IEW materials. The kids always looked forward to Andrew teaching them through DVDs, and we also especially enjoyed using the history theme-based writing lessons and Windows to the World. I have never seen an easier way to learn how to write a literary analysis essay. I would have never been able to teach my kids how to do this well without the Windows course!

Our two older kids are now in college and have been able to easily write all their papers and get excellent grades. They are both so thankful for all they have learned and for having the tools to write any type of paper.

I always say that IEW is, by far, the best homeschool money I have ever spent! Earlier this year I became accredited as an IEW® Registered Instructor, am now teaching IEW co-op classes, and plan to become Certified soon. It is so rewarding to see how well my students are progressing and how excited they are to find out that they really can learn to write well!
Sabrina C
Homeschool Parent / Registered Instructor

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